Many Mandeville, Metairie & Covington, LA Area Properties Still Contain Asbestos

Is yours one of them? Get an asbestos assessment to find out.

Asbestos was once used in over 3,000 building products, including insulation, floor tiles, wall panels and electrical appliances. Even though asbestos has been banned in the U.S. since 1989, many properties in the Mandeville, Metairie and Covington, LA areas still contain asbestos. You're required by law to get an asbestos assessment before demolishing any commercial or multifamily residential property.

YA Environmental Services will conduct your asbestos assessment by collecting samples and sending them to a lab for analysis. Contact us today to schedule asbestos testing or inspection services.

What happens if we find asbestos?

What happens if we find asbestos?

Don't panic. We'll let you know...

  • What type of asbestos you're dealing with
  • How much of your property contains asbestos
  • What you should do to correct the problem


Asbestos remediation solutions depend on the type of property you own in the Mandeville, Metairie or Covington, LA area. Contact us today to learn more about residential or commercial asbestos testing.