A phase 1 environmental site assessment is used to identify environmental problems that can become liability issues or restrict property use. YA Environmental Services gives property owners in the Mandeville, Metairie and Covington, LA areas detailed reports about specific and neighboring parcels in the form of phase 1 environmental site assessments.

We'll conduct a site visit and do our research to answer questions like...

  • Does your property contain known underground storage tanks?
  • Were hazardous substances dumped in the area?
  • Is the soil contaminated?




Whether you're acquiring vacant land or merging existing industrial facilities, you should request a phase 1 environmental site assessment right away. Ask us for a free estimate.

Take action to correct environmental risks

Take action to correct environmental risks

A phase 2 environmental site assessment is required if you need to remedy environmental problems with your Mandeville, Metairie or Covington, LA area property. We'll provide soil and ground water samples analyzed by a lab, as well as a detailed description of the investigative work we've done.

We can also make recommendations for reporting these findings to the appropriate agencies. Contact us today for a phase 2 environmental site assessment.